About Me

My name is Kofi Prince

On November 2008 as a result of a spinal cord injury, I became a quadriplegic. This is how I sustained my injury.

It all began at the tender and promising age of 21, with the unfortunate passing of my mother on November 18, 2007, back home in Ghana. Upon hearing of my mother’s passing, my eldest sister and I wanted to attend the funeral, but unfortunately our travel documents would not be ready in time. As a result, we postponed our trip until the following year, for the one year anniversary ceremony.

One year later, with our travel documents in order, my sister, her infant son and I decided to make the trip to Ghana. At that time, I was employed at a company, where I received insurance coverage and so prior to the trip, I contacted my insurance provider to verify the international travel assistance number. With this information in hand, I was all set for our flight, on Saturday November 8, 2008


Brampton Civic Hospital

After nearly a month of intense care after my surgery in Marseilles, France. I had finally arrived back home in Canada on December 2, 2008 where I was admitted to Brampton Civic Hospital and accompanied by my family. My girlfriend that I was with at the time had already been informed when I was in France. At this time I didn’t know how she would receive me, mainly because I did not want to become a burden to her going forward if she was to stick around, but she gave me her full support and her understanding.

That gave me additional motivation knowing that everything was going to be alright with her and with my family’s support. Being in the Hospital was not necessarily an easy stay, because before I would be able to transfer from there to start my rehab, I would have to be able to get rid of my tracheotomy tube and then be able to communicate again. After nearly 2 and a half months of not being able to talk I was so blessed and happy to get my voice back. It made me really appreciate how privileged we are to have a voice to communicate with one another.