You may exercise, take vitamins and supplements, and think you are eating a healthy diet, but you could still be feeling lethargic, depressed, and tired and don’t know why.  It could all be based on your diet and its effects on “elimination”. Yep, we are going to be talking about a diet that revolves around the best practices for eliminating “Poop”.

Having a disability is enough of a challenge, so this is about learning to give yourself and your body the best chance to feel good and work well, while preventing future injuries and complications by eating foods that optimize your well-being.

Based on years of research, and travel throughout the globe, the bestselling author featured in this article highlights how some of the above issues can be addressed via food.Kimberly Snyder is most famous for giving high paid movie stars and celebrities the EDGE they needed before a movie to look their best, stay youthful and maintain their highly sought after beauty. But don’t use her celeb fame against her, she is also a clinical nutritionist who has done extensive research.

So with her guidance, her personal exploration of many cultures, as well as documented medical and scientific research in her many books and lectures, I put together some great tips that may give those of us with limited walking abilities, or wheelchair users, the edge we need to stay our best and even reverse damage and health issues.”