share your struggles because we all have one. No one’s life is perfect. I’m sharing my struggle not for you to feel sad or sorry for me, but for you to know that we all have been there, you don’t know the type of impact you can make in someone else’s life when you share your struggles and the effect’s it too you to get you where you are today . Everyone has failed at least one or more times in their life, but those  who are determine failure can never stand in their way of succeeding.

No matter what struggle you face today. Whatever you lack off, could it be that you can’t pass the exams that you have been preparing for your whole life. Hard time finding a job, don’t know how your going to feed your kids or yourself, relationship problems or you have some kind of sickness, injuries , years of battles with cancer, diabetes, We’ve all had days and maybe even years when life just doesn’t seem to be going our way! I had days and years where I felt like nothing was working for me and everything seem to be going wrong. Knowing the person that I am, giving up has never been an option my character will never allow me, it has always been stronger then my circumstances.

In life we can’t always control what happens to us, but it is mine and also your choice to control how we choose to respond. Complaining will never give you any results. The devil will always try to pull you down in the moments of weakness. As long as you choose to keep a positive attitude your Struggles will always lead to Strength. In those moments of weakness if you turn to God and give him thanks for all his blessing throughout your life, and pray to ask for his guidance, he’ll give you more strength, faith and perseverance when you let him in regardless of what you’re going through. There might be times when You may feel like you’re going through this struggle all alone, always remember once you let him in your life he will be by your side to the end as long as you don’t lose hope in him.

Benjamin K